How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

When it comes to purchasing a space for laminates, it’s a challenge. The reason is that we lack the primary information that we need to ensure that we get the right product. For that reason, we have discussed the common factors that vacuum for laminates should have.  If you need a quality vacuum for laminates, then no way you fail to consider the factors discussed below.

Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

However, you need to note that we have different varieties of vacuum laminates in the market. But not every vacuum for laminate is worthy for laminates. Here are the things to consider when purchasing the best vacuum for laminate floors.

  1. Type of the vacuum for laminate

Vacuum for hardwood laminate is a presence in two models bagless and bagged.  For a long time, the bagless vacuum for laminated is ordinary. The bagless are suitable for mixed floors, and they feature a dirt collection bin. Once the container is full, you easily detach the box from the machine for easy emptying.

Bagless is the best as you don’t come into contact with the dirt collection bin like the bagged. Usually, bagless has release level to ensure the dirt to leave the container automatically. Also, the bagged don’t allow you to interact with the dirt collection bin. However, you will need to detach the bag from the dirt collection container.

  1. Extra accessories

Like the other models of vacuum cleaners, vacuum for laminates features other accessories. The accessories can be in the form of additional attachments.  Some of the accessories you should consider are docks, storage bag, and replacement filters. However, there are a large variety of accessories that can come with a quality laminate. For instance, different models feature different sizes of brushes from product to another.  Vacuum for laminates for floor has crevice and corner tools that will make it easy to clean the floor.

  1. Weight

The weight of the vacuum for laminate is another key factor we should put into consideration. For easy cleaning the floor you need a lightweight space for laminate.  The reason is that you need to push the machine around the floor. Therefore a heavy vacuum for laminate will be a change to handle. Also, the heavy vacuum for laminates will require a high power source.

However, large machines are suitable when cleaning a big home. Besides that, heavy vacuum for laminates could not be essential for children. The stick vacuums are ideal for children as they are lightweight and portable. Stick vacuum for laminate weighs 2 to five pounds.

  1. Cordless and corded

Cordless or corded is the other factor that you need to consider to get the best vacuum for laminate. We have a variety of these vacuums for laminates in the market. Each of the vacuums for laminates has its cons and pros. The corded machines feature an electric cord to plug into the vacuum for a laminate outlet for power supply. For the modern corded tool, the cable seems to be longer than the traditional ones.

While the cordless vacuum for laminate lacks the electric power cord. Instead, the machine features a rechargeable battery.  The vacuum for laminate will come with its charging station. You need to note that the vacuum for laminate should be plugged in when not in use. The cordless machines are more convenient to use as compared to the corded tool.

  1. Type of flooring

Majority of the device for laminate flooring is the vacuum. However, this does not guarantee that all vacuum machines for the mixed floor are suitable. Most of the vacuum for laminates clean both the hard floors and carpet correctly. To the homes that have different flooring, the vacuum for mixed is the best.  If you have carpet flooring in your home, then you need an extra machine apart from the vacuum for laminate. The reason is the vacuum for laminates don’t clean the carpet floor.

  1. Pets presence

Pets being the best man’s friends in the home, you need to make sure the room is clean throughout. However, pets are the first contaminators to your laminate floor. For that, reason, you need to consider the number and type of pets you have in the home. The idea is that we have different breeds that shed their hairs frequently.  The type of vacuum for laminate should be able to clean the hair, and other contaminants completely. The vacuum for laminate with wide-spread bristle is the best for a house with pets.

  1. Suction power

Suction power is the total force that the machine exerts when picking dirt or dust in the floor. The amount of suction power comes from the vacuum motor.  The suction power determines how effective the cleaning will be. Therefore you need to choose a super-powerful engine for existing cleaning o floors.  Also, the head seal contributes to the efficiency of the suction of the machine. Loose head sealing results in low suction power. Lastly, for laminated floors, you don’t need powerful suction machines.

  1. Filtration system and noise produced

The best type of vacuum for laminate should have an in-built filtration system. The verified filtration system is essential in ensuring no spilling out of dust or dirt off the floor. Vacuum for laminates with HEPA filtration system is the best models to purchase. The reason is that the HEPA filter system tarps a lot of dust at a time. In addition to that, the HEPA system is straightforward to clean and store.

As we also consider powerful cleaners, we need to consider the level of noise produced. As most of the people dislike noisy machines, and then find less noise vacuum for laminates.

Final Verdict

Majority of the home has laminate floor.  The laminate floor is effortless to install, affordable and looks great. But you need to keep in clean and in the right condition. However, you can afford to clean the floor with any machine. For that reason, the vacuum laminates come into consideration. Most of the vacuum for laminates features a powerful suction system. Therefore they leave your laminate floor extremely clean. Lastly, don’t let you amazing laminate floor intimidate your life as we have a quality vacuum for laminate floors.

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