How Vacuum Cleaner Works?

Vacuum cleaner is a device which uses to remove dust and dirt and helps to keep clean inside of the house. Vacuum cleaner is one of the best devices to maintain clean air inside our house.

It usually sucks up every kinds of debris from floors, carpets and curtains, like hair dirt, bits of paper and many other different kinds of dirt and waste. Nowadays vacuum cleaner is a very essential part of home appliance. It helps us to keep our living and working place clean, hygienic and healthy. On the other hand it helps us to save our lot of time. Today we will know about how vacuum cleaner works. So let’s know about parts first.

Parts of vacuums

At first sight many of thing that the vacuums is a complex machine but if we talk about  the conventional vacuum cleaner then we can see that the vacuum actually made off with six 6 main part.


An intake port

It’s a part of the vacuum cleaner from where the dist and waste are goes inside of the vacuum cleaner with the air by the result of fan rotation by the help of motor which is previously installed inside of the vacuum cleaner .when the motor get power from outside sources it rotate the fan and air is start moving towards the intake port.

An exhaust port

When the air and dirt goes inside of the vacuum cleaner through the intake port it starts filtering and the air get rid of dirt and become clean and this clean air get releases from the vacuum cleaner through a port or opening which is known as exhaust port

An electric motor

An electric motor is installed inside the vacuum cleaner which allows the fan to start working and remove dust from the house and helps to keep the air clean the house.

A fan

A fan is connected with the motor in vacuum cleaner .when the motor starts running by the help of outside power, it also allow to run the fan. When the fan starts running, itintake the air which is full with dirt and reaches it to the filter where the dirt is collect by the filtering process and releases the clean air in the environment through the exhaust port.


It have filter which collect the fine dirt particle from the  moving air which is coming through the intake line and make the air breathable by separating and collecting dirt from air before it got releases through the exhaust way.

A bag for dirt collection

When the dirt is filtered and separated from the air then was stored in a container (in modern vacuum cleaner) or have an opening where it has a dust collector bag to store collected dist from the filtering process of the vacuum cleaner.


All the components like motor, fan filter and dust container is covered with a covering and this is known as housing. It helps to keep vacuum cleaner part safe and reusable for a long period of time.

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Types of vacuum cleaner

Depends on the uses and area, people buy vacuum cleaner. In broader sense vacuum cleaner is mainly two types:

  1. Dry type
  2. Wet type

But based on demand and companies there are various kind of vacuum cleaner are present in the markets. Most wanted cleaner are following:


Handheld vacuums we use for getting hard to reach areas that desperately need to clean. We tested this vacuums to watch how well it clean the dust like cereal, pet hair, wood shavings etc. the best handheld vacuum cleaner we found that was Decker & Black dust buster. It is designed for reaching the painful tight areas around our home car and other debris.


For Hardwood FloorsCanister vacuum cleaners are best. Like the upright cleaners it is powerful. Its feature is a slender frame. A separate canister is attached to a lengthy stick which can be used to sustain not only the carpeted but also hardwood floors or bare flooring as well.


In most of the house upright cleaners are favorite. This vacuum cleaners afford the most prevailing and powerful cleaner for our house. Also offering easy to understand functions and accessories. Maximum model provide settings which allow this cleaners to clean both carpeted surfaces and bare floors.


Stick vacuum cleaners have a proficiency for getting into narrow places and also doing the marvelous job on the hard wood floors, rugs areas. In this vacuum cleaners features there are a long-stick like handle and is construction of slender. The cordless stick vacuum are luxurious and not particularly reliable or long long-lasting but it is more serviceable than plug-in vacuums.

Autonomous / Robot

This vacuum cleaners another name is robovac. It has a limited vacuum floor cleaner. It is the most popular cleaner. Because in its design involved remote control and self-dive mood which permitted the machine to clean autonomously deprived of human control. They are more suitable to use since they can vacuum as their own.

Working mechanism (the way vacuum cleaner works)

When the machine plugged in and turns on the machine then the electric motor starts and it runs the fan which is attached with it.

After the fan starts running because of its angular shape blade it pressure the air towards the exhaust port from the intake port.

When the air goes forward it also contains dirt and small fine particle. Due to air pressure increases in a confined space the air particle density got increased in front of the fan. And decreases behind the fan as there is lower pressure than the front side. And this dirt full air have to pass through an air bag; which act as a filter as it retains the dust. And give a way for the clean air by its outlet port.

But in present days modern vacuum cleaners use container instead of bag. They also have filter to collect very fine particle before it got releases through the exhausted way.

Final remarks

Always buy the products what you need more, which purpose you will use. Then it brings softness in your work. In modern days vacuum cleaner is an important tools of our daily life. By the times this vacuum cleaner increased its efficiency and many kinds of models are available in the market.

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